2015 Sneak Peek

PoppiezLove 2015 waterproof blankets are under construction. Take a look at what is on its way!
It will prove to be a fun year for all.
Boudoir / Intimacy / Barrier / Faux Fur Blanket
Fun Fur throw
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Picnic / Stadium / Camping / Hiking / Sports Minky Top Blanket
Soft and warm for outdoor outings but rugged enough to withstand the elements.
Lightweight and easily stuffed into backpacks.  They always look great!
Cotton Top Picnic Blankets.   A unique, one-of-a kind blanket for the more ‘tame’ outdoor events.
Beautiful and fun combinations that will ‘grab’ the attention wherever you go.
Not as sturdy as the Minky Tops, but fully waterproof for comfortable outdoor events.
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