B-r-r-r Honey It’s Cold Outside

Bundled up

Well….we still need to get out there so bundle up!



large_7634810048I used to just love to jog when the temperature got in the teens.The crisp, cold air felt great in my lungs and the crunch of the snow under the feet was music to my ears.

I know it’s cold, but look on the bright side… it is beautiful.

The media tells people to stay inside – don’t go to work or school – it is all too dangerous.  However, if you bundle up, cover your nose with your scarf so it warms up the air a bit, I can guarantee a short, brisk walk will feel great afterwards.  It is invigorating.

Nature at is rawest (?is this a word?) and it is fantastic!


Enjoy each day and what it brings!

large_3256686662You will look back and be glad you did!


With Warmest Thoughts…..PoppiezLoveDSC_0186

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