Furniture Protection from Pets – Stylish Waterproof Barrier Blankets

Protects Bedding

Our waterproof barrier blankets can’t be beat for functionality when it comes to protecting furniture from pet adventures while you are home or away.

You know our pets have minds of their own when we are gone.  No matter how much we train them to ‘keep off’ or ‘leave it!’, they do what they want to once we leave.  We have made many custom barrier blankets for that purpose.  Some have been more stylish with pretty fabrics to add to the decor.  Some have been purely functional with terry cloth tops to be true ‘protectors’.

Floor Protection under Dog Pen


Any way you want it, they serve their purpose!  Zero leakage through our barrier blankets.

Couch Protection

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We offer fun and trendy waterproof blanket in child and adult sizes.
We also have burb cloth/changing pad sets that will provide protection from spit-up (infancy) all the way through tinkle trouble (potty training).
Super Soft and backed with soft, breathable waterproof fabric.  All CPSIA compliant (aka baby friendly!)
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Inventory Blowout Sale on Waterproof Blankets!

Check out our Sale Section for great deals!  We need to make room for more stuff!!!  Our blankets are the perfect barrier blanket for situations where you need to protect your little one or a favorite chair from pet accidents.  100% waterproof and ready to work!

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Here a just a few of the items on Sale!

Pet Barrier Blankets

dogs on furniture5 dogs on furnitureDoes your dog love to sleep on your bed?
On the couch next to you?
Does your cat love to sleep on top of your favorite chair?

cats on furniture2

Of course!
Our pets sleep where ever they want!
Unfortunately, that sometimes leads to accidents wherever they decide to plop themselves down.

That is why we get requests for a chic and savvy barrier blanket that you can put on the bed and have look like a normal bedding quilt.  Add your accent pillows an no one will be the wiser!  The backing of the barrier blanket is 100% waterproof.  Ready for those times when your cat coughs up an occasional hairball or your dog has a ‘incontinent moment’.  Odds are it will eventually happen!!

We will make a custom top with your decorating colors.  We make minky top barriers and cotton top barriers.  The minky tops are fun and soft to lay on.  The cotton tops give an upscale ‘quilt top’ look to your bed.  We also get the request for terry cloth tops.

Check out our Etsy Shop and see what you like.  You can click on the ‘Request a Custom Order’ from any page and start the process or email us right now!   We look forward to creating something just for you!

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Cotton Top Waterproof Picnic Blanets – Summer Ready!

Handmade in Portland, Oregon these blankets are the cream of the crop.
The perfect Wedding gift!
Anniversary Gift!
Birthday Gift!
Concert in the Park blanket!
Have a Picnic anywhere blanket!

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These are mostly one-of-a-kind (sometimes we make several of one design) offerings. With the crazy weather (an you know we have had our share this year!) you will be so thankful you have something you can throw over you or whatever you want to protect and know it is 100% waterproof.


You don’t know you need this blanket

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Show Mom the Love! Waterproof Picnic Blankets

The most unique gift that Mom will not forget.  One that will last a lifetime.  A waterproof picnic blanket that is useful for much more than picnics!  Whenever she runs into a situation where she needs help, this blanket will come in handy.

Is Mom the sophisticated type?  Classy and beautiful?

Then our cotton-top, patchwork blanket is sure to please.

Shop  our Patchwork Blankets


Is Mom the more active, outdoorsy type? Then our soft, durable minky top picnic blanket is the way to go.

It stuffs easily in a backpack and comes out looking great.

Shop our Minky Top Blankets

PoppiezLove-14 copy

Love is in the Air

37745-347x346-FreeValentineGraphicsBoudoir Blanket.
Love Blanket.
Barrier Blanket.


Valentines Day is quickly approaching and you are surfing the web for a ‘fun’ idea for you and your honey.
Presenting the most silky, velvety blanket with a soft, breathable 100% waterproof backing.

DSC_0565 DSC_0572 DSC_0574

Wrap yourselves in our luxurious blanket for intimate, cozy cuddling.  Very soft and supple and the most
lovely feel to the skin.   Just throw it in the washer/dryer to freshen it right up.

Our blankets are great for outdoor use . . .  however . . .  they also are very versatile for the boudoir.

Shop at

 valentine pic2

Forget social media for one day and spend one on one time with your love.

We just don’t do enough of this anymore!

Happy Love Day, everyone!!


B-r-r-r Honey It’s Cold Outside

Bundled up

Well….we still need to get out there so bundle up!



large_7634810048I used to just love to jog when the temperature got in the teens.The crisp, cold air felt great in my lungs and the crunch of the snow under the feet was music to my ears.

I know it’s cold, but look on the bright side… it is beautiful.

The media tells people to stay inside – don’t go to work or school – it is all too dangerous.  However, if you bundle up, cover your nose with your scarf so it warms up the air a bit, I can guarantee a short, brisk walk will feel great afterwards.  It is invigorating.

Nature at is rawest (?is this a word?) and it is fantastic!


Enjoy each day and what it brings!

large_3256686662You will look back and be glad you did!


With Warmest Thoughts…..PoppiezLoveDSC_0186

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Last Minute Gifts! Affordable Faux Fur Infinity Scarves! Lovely Luxury!

Soft, Luxurious Faux Fur Infinity scarves are now available for warmth and fashion!  Ready to Ship in time for the holidays at Our Etsy Shop.

Join the Faux Fur Trend!
Chinchilla! Llama! Beaver! Rabbit! Shag!
Brown! Black! Purple! Maple! Beige!

A great holiday gift for Mom, Grandma, Nana, Auntie, Cousin, Sister, Girlfriend or Friend or anyone who wants to feel fabulous!!   Show them they deserve something luxurious.

We also have Mother / Daughter sets!  Check them out here.


DSC_0186     CSC_0244







Frosted Brown Chinchilla

DSC_0255-002 DSC_0191

Curly Purple Llama

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Frost Tip Shag

Mother Daughter Faux Beaver         Adult Faux Beaver close

Maple Beaver Fur

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Happy Holidays!