Let it Rain …. Let it Rain ….

Here it Comes! The ‘tweener’ season. The one between Fall and Winter.

When the weather is wet and damp. Not warm enough to enjoy and not cold enough to ski or sled!autumn trailsIt’s all about attitude, though.

So what if there is some rain?     Or if it’s cloudy?

We know it is just temporary. We just have to hold the thought that this too, will end!

Remember, there IS a sun behind those clouds, so ‘see’ it everyday. Bring some of that light into someone’s life you touch. It will give you a daily purpose and get you through anything.

So, layer up! Throw a few essentials in the car that you can use to bundle up and keep warm and dry. And count on the fact you can go anywhere, do anything everyday and ENJOY yourself!

rainy trails

PoppiezLove – Handmade and Waterproof Blankets


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