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A Soft and Durable Twist on a Simple Blanket

This idea, as like many, was created out of a need. When my youngest starting leaking through his diaper on a daily basis I quickly realized that I needed a solution, and FAST. I tried a towel but that wasn’t soft or thick enough. I had made plenty of Minky blankets for friends in the past, and I was cloth diapering my second child so I was familiar with both fabrics. So why not merge them together and see what happens?

When I created my first Waterproof Blanket I had no idea that I would open an Etsy shop 2 years later or get the feedback I got from friends, family and locals. I also didn’t expect to use it beyond a mattress pad- but then it became a car seat canopy, a hands-free baby wearing wrap, a protective stroller blanket, a potty training accessory and a park / beach blanket.  A great grow-with-me option for any family.

As we grew, our small blanket didn’t… but … we were receiving many requests for an Adult sized version of our PoppiezLove Waterproof Blanket.

So Again… Why Not?

PoppiezLove Waterproof Blankets are now available in several sizes and fabrics:  Minky!  Cotton!  Faux Fur!

Our customers have found that the uses for these blankets are ever-growing:

  • A soft, cuddly blanket to wrap in plus it provides protection from rain and wind at a sports event or camping
  • A lush, sensuous faux fur throw that provides nice cuddle time for couples
  • A fashionable bed/furniture topper while also providing a 100% waterproof barrier from pet odors and accidents
  • A calming sensory/comfort blanket

We aim for practical, multi-use, durable products.    

We know our blanket can make your life a little easier.

Special orders are welcomed.

PoppiezLove Waterproof Blankets are always Cozy, NEVER Crunchy.


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