Pet Barrier Blankets

dogs on furniture5 dogs on furnitureDoes your dog love to sleep on your bed?
On the couch next to you?
Does your cat love to sleep on top of your favorite chair?

cats on furniture2

Of course!
Our pets sleep where ever they want!
Unfortunately, that sometimes leads to accidents wherever they decide to plop themselves down.

That is why we get requests for a chic and savvy barrier blanket that you can put on the bed and have look like a normal bedding quilt.  Add your accent pillows an no one will be the wiser!  The backing of the barrier blanket is 100% waterproof.  Ready for those times when your cat coughs up an occasional hairball or your dog has a ‘incontinent moment’.  Odds are it will eventually happen!!

We will make a custom top with your decorating colors.  We make minky top barriers and cotton top barriers.  The minky tops are fun and soft to lay on.  The cotton tops give an upscale ‘quilt top’ look to your bed.  We also get the request for terry cloth tops.

Check out our Etsy Shop and see what you like.  You can click on the ‘Request a Custom Order’ from any page and start the process or email us right now!   We look forward to creating something just for you!

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