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PoppiezLove Waterproof backed blankets are priceless for pet lovers!

They offer a beautiful addition to your decor along with

outstanding protection of your ‘stuff’ from pets.

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Great on your bed to keep dog hair and smell from your good linens.

Protects Bedding
Protects Bedding

This one is one of our Cotton Tops that are a quilt look but backed with soft, non-crinkly waterproof backing.

Any little accidents are no problem. Just throw in the washer/dryer and you are set to go!

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We do alot of custom orders for couches and chairs and specific applications as you can see for this dog pen.

The owners wanted their new wood floor to be protected from little piddles while they were away from the house.

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Terry Cloth Couch Barrier Blanket
Terry Cloth Couch Barrier Blanket


This couple wanted their sofa to not smell like a dog when people actually sat on it!   Genius!

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