The Art of the Gift . . . the Thoughtful Gift.



Gift giving is not easy.    In fact, it kinda sucks.



 What should I get Mom?  Dad has everything, what else could he possibly want?
Sis has a list so long, I don’t even know where to start.,,,and my brother?  Does he think I’m made of money??  And if you need to buy for more than the immediate family…. oh man.  Have fun.
I always run around like crazy, trying to find something that ‘fits’ the person, but I find  more things that I like.  So I buy stuff that I want to keep.
How crazy is that???perplexed2


Well, there is no real solution to buying the right gift.  I think we just need to think about the things the receiver likes.  OK, now you are asking yourself, “How the heck do I know what they like?”
Well, just give it some thought:
Do they read books?
Go to movies?
Enjoy a good meal?
Have a hobby?
Like music?
Like sports?
Like Art?
Like video games?
Have a thing for fashion?
Have a current fad they are crazy about?
Like the outdoors?
and so on…
You might think you have no clue…but you really do, if you think about it.  And if it doesn’t come to you the first time you think about it, just stop thinking and go back to it a day later.  If that doesn’t work, do it again another day later.
Eventually, you will realize something that person will love and you will be proud to give.   And, by the way, it doesn’t have to be expensive.  The thoughtful gift is much more appreciated than a gift someone knows is just a ‘gift’ for the sake of having something to give.                    gifts2
Also, it is a tough talent to master.  It may take years. I know I’m still working on it.

Now go Enjoy your Shopping and Have a Wonderful Holiday!




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