Waterproof Blankets Make a Great Unique Gift

PoppiezLove Waterproof Blankets are soft but strong!  They all contain a 100% waterproof backing and the top soft, cuddly minky. They offer great protection from rain, wind, sleet, snow or any elements Mother Nature throws at you.

We currently offer 3 types:

30″x40″ Minky Top

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A great Stroller Cover, Car Seat Canopy, Elder Lap Blanket, Play Mat, Toddler Lovey, New Parent Gift, etc.  The minky top is also water repellent, so you get a very versatile product.  This is the perfect baby shower gift.

60″x60″ Minky Top

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This Picnic blanket size is great for throwing down at a park or anywhere you want to take a break and not have to worry about where you take a break.  Easy to transport as it can be stuffed into a backpack and come out looking fresh as a daisy!  It is the perfect Stadium Blanket for covering wet bleacher seats or wrapping around your shoulders/head when the cold wind kicks up or rain moves in.  Yes!  We do custom orders in school colors!

60″x60″ Cotton Top

Our Cotton Top blanket for picnics, outdoor concerts and those more tame events still sports the waterproof backing but the top is a patchwork 100% Cotton design that we conjure up for fun! fun! fun!  It has a flannel middle layer for added comfort.  This is a perfect wedding gift.

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